New Beginnings

As the gates open, I watch new faces and the walls of my memory take me back to the time when I was one of them. New to everything. New to everyone. The spark to explore more spread like a forest fire among the crowds of new faces. New enthusiasm stirred with pinch of jitter in our hearts. As I see old faces getting replaced by the new ones, deep down my gut, I feel blessed. The faces maybe replaced and the time maybe faded, but the fire is still on and the memories still fresh like fresh flowers blushing with the touch of dew drops.

As the sun sets and I walk past my secret spot of solitude, I watch new alliances forming, smiles getting exchanged and excitement in the air. I feel it all. But only with a shade of sweet sadness as the memories start replaying themselves. With tears of joy in my eyes, I walk towards my destination, reminiscing all the perfect details. I finally reach my office and look back only to never turn around again.