Obsession: The fields of Asphodel

Random flakes and flashes of your brain child


A puzzle meddling with your sleep.
You give it up; sleep, not the puzzle.

Bound, dissected and resurrected from the flashes.
Sound glitches, corrected.

Addiction, Dreams, Fear.


Her birth, light after your darkest night.
Her growth into a spoilt brat.
Her eventual death, at your knock.

Resurrecting Nightmares.
A gruesome judge ; YOU.

And with that, the fall of Olympus.

Tables turn: SUBMISSION

The game, your master.
Sound glitches, corrected ? apparently not.
In passion, you're lost. In Ecstasy, you’re dead.

Family, Friends, Mortals, Gone.
Desperate for her love, Ignorant to the elements.
Fall at the first whip, the following clawing at your remnants.

Back to square one….
With Love, yours MASOCHIST

Flip the coin, DEATH or GLORY ?
Death : you'll be sparing the puny mortals mere gossip.
Anywhere in between, you're as good as worthless.

Obsession : The fields of Asphodel.