Ocean of Ink

It's like an ocean
Never ending and ever flowing
Filled with life yet quiet
In the shores of our minds
Leaving the mark of times
Imprisoning our hearts
Setting our paths right
Like the light sunshine
Awakening our souls inside
Impressions building
In the time rolling high
On your side
Impressions of mine

Inked in the pages of my life
Still I write
Providing expression
To a story long written
As I finish a line
I bother to look back and smile
Reliving each moment again
Pain and all the gain
I am made what I am today
Not with glass not with clay
Colors of Ink
Nothing else

Deeper than love
Thicker than blood
What we carry is beyond fathoms of words
Impressions of smile, tear and pride
Inked in the hearts and our minds
Forever they shine
Holding us in desperate times
Like a ship we sail
In the ocean of tales
Rowing our pens
To mark a journey
That never ends.