Into the House of Old

Desolate fathers and mothers –
They incredible us with impassive grins
Stowing away rapidly their well used History Books
Underneath their terrible cushions.

Their lifeless eyes and withdrawn tongues
Wish separation from us.
Yet, when we sustain the intimate romance
Volcanoes of hush all of a sudden erupt,
Regurgitating out downpours of bubbling pasts.

Liquid magma of misfortune and disregard and torment
Spill out of their souls
Over the top for some time
What's more, ultimately, a desert quiet settles in their eyes
They insightfully grin once more

Content with the present.
Regardless of all, they still
Go to the Almighty
To excuse their youngsters
To give them a decent life

The genuine excellence of love unfurls before us.
Lastly when it's an ideal opportunity to withdraw
They say goodbye with emotions
Also, continue anticipating your following visit.

Cover image by Hungry4Pics.