Open Letter to all Indians

Dear Nation,

As a country, our passions about politics run deep. So deep, that we fail to set them aside when required.

We are shook to our core by what has plagued our nation in Unnao. One of our so-called “law makers”, a member of the legislature, one of the most important pillars of the core of our country was behind this. Another staggering fact is that there were people rallying to support such men. An abhorrent crime as such must be brought to justice before people lose faith in the nation which to be honest is happening right now. In times like this, people are making use of this media space to play party politics, to play blame games, to point fingers, to play the religion card and what not. This is not an oppurtunity! I am ashamed and apalled by how many people are choosing to react. This is not a time to play party politics. The accused might belong to a said party and a said religion and just because it might seem to be the perfect time to play this game, does not mean you should. Want to question humanity? Go ahead. Let us not stoop so low that we “use” this as an oppurtunity for profit, for winning at some age-old game. The fact that people can turn even this into a battle ground for religion is incomprehensible to me.

Let us please grow up and face the facts. If people want to use this media space to speak out, please do. Speak out to demand for justice, speak out to support their families, speak out in anger but it is criminal misuse this space for trivial purposes. We have forgotten there is a whole wide world outside of politics and religion, a world which needs our attention.

Let us stop tagging every person or situation for political gain. Some things are above that. If only we realize that, can we rise above.