Our Generation vs Relationships

This generation doesn’t want relationships,
We want late lazy mornings with a cup of coffee,
An Instagram post with friends,
An excuse to use the #relationshipgoals.
We invest more time on tinder profiles than knowing people,
All ‘cause we don’t want a relationship.

We talk, we chat, we snapchat, we sext,
But a real relationship doesn’t seem to happen.
We stay awake till 4 am texting that one person,
Yet we’re not sure about a relationship.
We like the idea of love,
Just don’t want to "fall".
We go grab a coffee or a beer,
Anything to avoid a movie plus lunch date.
We want the illusion of a relationship,
Netflix and chill, friends with benefits is the new thing.

The façade of a relationship is
No one is interested in the work involved in a relationship.
We don’t want to commit,
Our lives are about having fun and chilling.

We are so involved in our social agendas of updating our FB status,
The amazing person next to us goes unnoticed.
We play hard to get.
It never does seem to end.
The problem is that we actually do want relationships.
The commitments just scare us a little...
Enough to keep us at bay.
Enough to always be thinking, not living.