The Raging Fire of Your Heart

Down goes your confidence
when you feel the weight of the world falling on you
As the sea of failure and disappointments drown you
a single hand emerges out

Even as you struggle to hold on to that rope of success
The waves of demotivation and people's taunts keep washing you away
You hope to find the hope and courage that one seeks to withstand the dark feuds in your mind

To surpass all the extreme hardships
of the body and mind
You have to leave everything behind
Be the brave-heart
Increase your capability to withstand all danger

Some say keep your family closer at the time of need
I say, they wont pay heed, unless you show success.
Except for your blood, all others are there
to criticize you

For they won't understand what you have done
the risk you took
the courage you portrayed
when you stood over their taunts

Even if you fail
Even if the society begins to impel you into your cocoon
Be brave, for there are those who still believe in you, especially you.
Rise up from the ashed of failure
Summon up your Chi
Blast through the fires of depression and anger
Smile at the face of danger
One day you will be flying high touching the sun.