Raiding Myself

Who am I?
An ambitious achiever without much to boast or
an animal on the lookout for glory?
On the softer side maybe just a frugal survivor.
No, I think I am who I perceive myself to be.

Who am I?
Much of a giver and less of a taker or
an unforgiving pioneer in pursuit of profit?
Reality check - just a human in need of the essentials
No, this doesn’t sound to be me.

Who am I?
A magnificent ship being tossed around by the storm or
the creator of the destructive storm itself?
Yes, that’s more like me - the creator.
But where is the evidence? Ask yourself.

Who am I?
A philosopher not so kosher or
a sceptical observer of reality?
There seems to be some confusion that’s consuming.
Let’s just compromise on uncertain vagabond.

Who am I?
The hailed messiah or
the quarantined pariah?
These are too extreme, how else could I blend in, everywhere?

Who am I?
An identity lacking duplicate of the ones present in the past or
the imperial original with unmatched traits?
To this there is no grey area, I know.
Hence my indecisiveness juts out.

Who am I?
Am I what I do?
Am I what I feel?
Am I what my preferences are?
Am I what my creed is?
Am I what I say I am?
I am what you are; a mere reflection.