I sat on the park bench,

On a cold winter’s day.

Day hadn’t broken just yet,

I waited on those gleams of sunlight.

The way those rays engulfed me,

Gave me a sense of warmth,

It reminded me of a simpler time,

A time when time wasn’t a factor.

There was no hurry for the daily bread and butter.

All I cared for was right in front of me,

A loving home and a yard outfront

There was no mad race or a hunt,

A hunt for a sense of purpose,

Which plagues us all.

I sat on the park bench,

And when I felt those first rays,

I was reminded of a time,

When I had all the time,

To pance around the neighborhood.

All I had on my mind were my rhymes,

All that might and all that could,

Were more than a stone’s throw away.

Maybe one might ponder,

Did I cherish it enough?

In the storm and the thunder,

I long for those calm days under the sun

When I had nothing

Yet I had it all.

Now, there is no song in my heart,

Yet with all my might, I sing

Hoping for a whoosh of a wand,

That takes me back there,

Where nothing was my everything.