Breaking the Lock Breaker's Code - Room 404

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From the first evidence, the undamaged lock and it’s complementary key in it, didn't evoke any sense. The fresh splintered markings on the door indicated that it could have been
the targeted room, also considering the fact that a scissor and a metal rod laid just in front, provoked me to open the room and witness the foreplay it had to offer.

As soon as I swung the door open, the observations I made justified my path of being allured to cracking TROJAN’s crookedness. Astonishingly, all the valuables possessed by the victim Akmal, a complacent lamb, were a two terabyte hard disk, a power bank andan iPad. All these stayed intact, untouched. This made me question the very intention of TROJAN to pillage the room. Considering the fact that Akmal’s father had visited him the other day to resupply his food stock for the month of the upcoming Ramzan, diverted my attention from valuables to food. Except for that one sweet box which had already been opened by Akmal, not a slightest disturbance was seen in the foodstuff. Baffled by all this, I wanted to inform Akmal regarding this and mainly verified the point that he didn’t carelessly leave the key in the door. I secured the valuables and the room’s key and juxtaposed the speculations of mine with his statements regarding his valuables just to ensure nothing was missing. The aspect that nothing went missing baffled me more and more.

I found TROJAN toying with me progressively despite his brief presence in the room. Considering the short duration TROJAN had had with him due to my successive banging, he had to be there for something. This was ascertained when the cupboards in the room were flung wide open with the contents haphazardly strewn all over within them. This 'something' wasn’t a thing a normal thief who wanted to steal valuables gets, not 'something' a food junkie would desire in spite of the delicacies hoarded by Akmal, it was 'something' that meant more than a material to TROJAN, as he himself was overwhelmed by valuables, it was 'something' that would act as a symbol to a much higher valuable, TROJAN’s own honor!

The dots didn’t make any sense: Undamaged lock with a key,
fresh splinter marks on the door, a flexed scissor, a metal rod,
not stolen materials, open cupboards with strewn things.
All these elements were adding fuel to the fire of my curiosity.