"I was overwhelmed with the fact that my parents were coming to meet me today. It has been a year since I met them; higher studies abroad is not a joke. Working at Macy's trying to earn cents to cover up my food and accomodation at night and going to college in the mornings. Wow! Such a bummer. My parents finally showed mercy on me and decided to book a flight from London. I am relieved with the fact that they still spoil me with such surprises. It is 3:45 pm right now, they would be landing tonight by 9:00 pm. I just made a list of things I want from them and a treat in one of the Michelin starred restaurant is a must. It is great to have such parents.
Except, I have no parents. Funny, right? I was happily letting out my feelings a few seconds ago. This is how life has treated me right after I became excited with it. They were murdered, the very same day they were supposed to board the plane to meet me. I Did not even find their bodies, it has been two years, ten months and fourteen days. I do know the killer though, Petar de Blanco. This is the game life has played with me, hence I play with life now. I dropped out of college, got into petty theft and DUI, learnt shooting now owning one semi-automatic shot gun, service rifle, .32 revolver and of course a paintball gun for lighter entertainment. I trained hard, got some friends who could help me out but did not want to mix two businesses together. Drug cartel and murdering. This has become my life and I love every minute of it. Not that I don't care about my life, just that I know I will win because there is nothing else to lose. Now that you know my story, it is your time to die."

Looking at her tremble was such a satisfaction but the best feeling was killing her eight year old son.I pulled the trigger and the bullet penetrates her skull coming out from the other side in just a few microseconds. I always wanted to capture that, I guess I need to purchase a camera with recommendable shutter speed.

Georgia de Blanco, daughter. Done.

Killing families is such a turn on.