Sea of Clouds

My mind lies above the clouds tonight
Above the the world and its inevitable demise
Cold winds surge through my bones
As the night sky dies
In worldly lies
I see a foaming sea of clouds
Drifting along the skies in my mind
As a stary night is wasted
With the break of blue dawn
The sun shines its light
In a hopeless effort to tame a cold soul
Lost in clouds with a story untold
Take in this moment
A memory, now a dent in time
Where my dream is now yours to keep
My dream of a foamy sea of clouds
In search for a reason to believe
That I may find you in the midst of new memories
And my quest to find light in a new day
May not be in vain
But until then
I guess we'll just have to drift in a sea of clouds
And find each other in words never spoken aloud .