The letters lay open on my table. 8:00 a.m and my phone beeps again, reminding me to close the open chapter of my melancholic tale. As I fidget through the lanes of my not so happy past, I stumble across another piece of my heart. The heart of the girl who once claimed to be strong, who once thought that her soul was too deep to be evaded. And just then I am back to my present, comforting my own shadow that the darkness is just an ally to hold on to.
8:45 p.m.- my phone beeps again, and this time I tap the answer button, to let go of the shadows, letting the light fall again into the lap of my abandoned soul. Oh, and the letters? Well everyone should have a souvenir of their past to remind them of their mistakes. I keep them on my table, still. Adding this one to my collection. As a souvenir.