Spill Ink Now, lest Thou Spill Blood Later

It should be hard to argue that we, so called evolutionarily advanced humans, are still no better than our good old ancestors - the apes, if we are downright incapable of diligently communicating among our brethren without being ripped apart to shreds by the human shit pile that is our very own emotions and ego. It is then imperative that in order to complement our boundless intellect or at least to remain aloof of social disaster, we have to single out the best mode of communication which also translates to making headway towards the next step of mankind.

Let us first do ourselves a favour and not pretend that a bunch of random people can converse verbally, without it ending up in a skirmish of fist fights. Being direct yet dynamically diverse in fields like pace of presentation and assimilation of thoughts, one might as well put up a flashing beacon for our egos to contend, (which stems from misunderstandings due to biased mind sets). Since this kind occurs in live time, it has all the capability to fester our loathing spurring lethal consequences. Indeed we’re all well acquainted of that one gregariously garrulous person who somehow, single handedly suffices to obliterate the group discussion!; so now that’s out of the question…

The next logical pit stop must then be the ever engaging field of digital technology. Sure, the globalized world practically ordains texting, surfing the internet and transacting are to be the next basic necessities. Even though no apparent peril is in sight, one must not fail to discern that we have merely just grazed the tip of a vicious iceberg. Personally, breakthrough advances in this field seem to be unprecedented headway through unchartered jurisdiction, explosive potential, but well… explosive!; and all the same narrow-sighted because of little concern to human health. The real culprit, dastardly low-profiled, called the deep web is home to the widest mafia network thriving today. So the real question that begs is whether we really hold the reins on the cyber sphere; or is it the other way around?

Hence our pursuit finds its denouement in something that’s a tad more static and hence compatible, assertive to not spur emotional violence, requiring no heavy interface to manoeuvre like digital tech does, profoundly old school yet very contemporary. You guessed it, it’s a primordial procedure fueled by the modest fluid that flows out your fountain pen - ink. Literature has prevailed throughout the ages as the prime source of documentation and enlightenment, the very force that sustains the very cradle of life across the lineage. From providing material to researchers, to a haven for the bookworms, all the way to teach the way of life as in the Vedas, Ink has been perceived as the most significant invention of mankind, next only to the wheel (or should it be?). Inking also comes with an uncanny multitude of benefits, for instance, one’s memory is better put to use when she inks rather than types; and inking in the mystic tongue that is Sanskrit has been proven to boost one’s intellect to a tremendous degree.

Indeed, it is the one word that prevents us from being the hairless and rather hapless apes, which we might otherwise be in all but demeanour. Ink prevails!