Stand Out

There was a time we couldn’t read, couldn’t write
Yes, we were children, yet so happy we were,
Rejoiced every moment, it’s form so pure.
We were taught knowledge is power,
But never did we know what awaits.
What if between the pages of life,
There was written “As You Wish”?
We were not meant to become a leaf on a tree,
But meant to be unique,
Meant to be that strange fruit,
The one only curiosity can find.
We were not meant to reach the sky,
That’s where we could start.
Infinity and beyond,
Creating ladders with choices unrestricted.
We were not meant to fall in like sheep,
We were meant to be the brightest star.
Creating craters,
Touching everything.
Being the jack of all and master of none wasn’t for us.
We were meant to master all.
Hold up, think,
Would you like to explore yourself and around?