A Stockholm Scenario

I didn't know what to do. I should have listened to my father. Damn it! He was right. He was always right. But I couldn't take any more of it. I had to go away. Away from my family, my friends and my home. I needed a fresh start. But one job before it. One job to help me get started. I know it's not right! Shut up!

I went to my grandpa's. Grandpa is a retired cop, still shaken by the fact that he could have saved two lives if he hadn't taken the bribe the day before the mayor was murdered. He didn't get caught. Only because I didn't rat him out. I know where he keeps his Glock. He'll be busy searching for me and might not notice it, I pray. Grandpa was in bed. I took the gun and left. I should have said goodbye.

I met with Jack. He was as crooked as me, but was bolder, smarter and had a plan. The job was to kidnap a girl, get out of the city, call her parents, make threats, pick up the money from the alley and leave her near the marsh. Fine. I trusted Jack's plans too much. That night, oh, how I wish it could have been different. She was a stranger by the plan. Jack knew that there was no one in the house but her. We broke in. Jack poured chloroform into his scarf. I had the gun. We found her in the bedroom. Jack was quick. It was done. I left the ransom note.

We got out of the city and set up camp near the woods. I went to get a beer. Jack decided to doze. I was looking at her the whole time. I finished the beer and woke her up. God! I don't even know her name. She was terrified. I tried to calm her down. I promised her that we won't harm her. She sat up. She should know, why we are doing this, that would comfort her. Am I stupid or is it the beer? I told her everything. My whole story. We kept talking. Every now and then, she would smile and say that she would have done the same. It was beautiful.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a patrol car arrived at our camp. I took my gun and fired at its windshield. The cops got out and took cover. Jack woke up. He ran to the car and started it up. I turned and looked at her, thinking it's all gone to waste. A bullet went through my throat. My blood spilled to the ground and I immediately along with it. After she saw me fall, she took my gun and fired a few rounds at the cops. Then she shook my body. I knew I was going to die. Jack drove next to my body. She cried to him saying she's sorry. I was choking on my own blood to say anything. Jack took the gun from her hand, closed my eyes and hurried into the car. She followed him with her teary eyes.The cops were her rescue. But she got into the car with Jack. The car left the scene. What came over her?