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Sublime Yet a Slave

“A trip, to forget all the stress and tensions of this busy life is what my parents and I were getting ready to on the weekend. It was a journey of around four hours, we were almost there and that’s where the magic happened, so get ready to be awe-struck by magician.

It was love at first sight without any doubt; I went crazy after seeing him at a distance. Mind you, it was the first time I saw him in my life. He glanced me just once and turned his head the other side minding his own work. The reaction I got from him shocked me, yes, every place I visit I will be the centre of attention and I always loved it but this time it was different. I loved the way he was minding his own work but not the way how he dismissed me with a single glance. I left the place as my parents were urging me to get back to the room, as it was getting dark. I came back with them to the room, but not entirely. A part of me was thinking about the incident that happened in the evening. With his thought I went to sleep and after getting up in the morning he was the first thought that came to my mind. So without wakening up my parents I came out of the room. It was cold outside and the river running just opposite to our room was quenching the morning thirst of the herd of deer there, it was a refreshing sight. I stood there forgetting about everything, enjoying the beauty of mother nature, breathing the cold air that brought chills throughout my body, was mesmerized by it. But as I was turning to get back inside I saw him coming towards the river, my heart skipped a beat.
It was a feeling that I can never explain. I was happy, angry, lost for words. I saw that he was accompanied by a couple of persons. I decided to make the first move,go and talk with him. With lightning speed I entered back into the room refreshed and came back out again playing the scenario over and over again in my head as how would the conversation go, but what I saw next burned me alive. He was beaten, poked, and dragged down against his will by the person accompanying him.In spite of his strong and well built physique he didn’t get angry or even tried to shout at them.
He saw me watching him, we made eye contact. I could see the pain, without any exchange of words we communicated. His eyes told me the story of his life, the pain and agony he is in. He was treated in the worst way possible by the men who accompanied him, yet he remained silent. The love that I had for him turned into care, sympathy, and affection that can never be compared. I was thinking for the reason behind this brutally cruel act but none. He started to take bath in the river, as the river water washed his dirt away, my eyes were filled with water that can never wash away what I had just seen. All this time his gaze were fixated on me, I could see the innocence in his eyes pleading for something that I was not able to understand, deep down inside, my soul was crying for the injustice that is happening.Separated from his family, all alone, away from the wilderness that make him who he is. The shaken soul of my love crying, where I was not able to do anything that could make him feel better, I was broken from inside after seeing this and my broken soul was thrown far into the universe when I saw that his eyes still didn’t move from me. Just a day before he dismissed me with a single look but now it is not the same, his eyes were also not the same. I came back inside wiping my wet eyes, was furious and hated myself for not being able to help him. I clenched my fist and went straight to the bathroom from where I can hear the cry of pain, loneliness, depression, but not anger. I thought at that moment that he must be the epitome of tolerance and patience.
Throughout that day I saw so many of his friends standing with him being treated the same way or even worse but the first love is something which can never be forgotten. I came back home with a heavy heart like never before. Even though we never exchange words or phone number, we were bonded with each other for eternity.

And the person reading this know him very well, in fact of you would have seen him at least once. If you see him again can you convey my love for him? Can you help him by freeing him from all his miseries? Can you do it for me please?

To answer all your questions after reading the above, please continue further.

Nature is a kind hearted,loving mother who cares for each and every one of her child without any favouritism. Good or bad, whatever may be your character, she will provide you with everything for you to be alive without expecting anything in return. But we are not reciprocating her love.
My first love was, is, and always will be the gentle giant whom we call as “The Elephants”. Imagine if we humans were the strongest and biggest living beings on this planet will be the same? Will we all be so kind, caring and compassionate like the mighty tusker? They are so majestic, elegant, and beautiful, with their looks, caring, kind, with a great memory on the inside. They are a beauty to see when in the wild and a pain for the kind hearted person to see in the chains.
They have the strength to take down a tree but they won’t cut loose from a chain, they can destroy a fully grown lion but they won’t dare to misbehave in front of the mahout, they can break every single bone in our body within a matter of seconds but they won’t. Is it because of all these pure, noble qualities that they have, we are treating it like shit? I agree they can and will get angry at times and kill a mahout, but how many lives will you take if you are chained for life and separated from your family? I bet a lot more than them.
Nature has provide every individual with everything but still we try to steal from others, stealing the freedom of a beast with the heart of a baby is not cruel but the worst crime you can ever commit. Hunted down for tusks, died due to thirst, blown into pieces for entering into a farming field, are all these acts of heart born out of love?
“Elephants entered the village, elephant trashed the farm, elephants killed a person” we all hear so many headlines like these from the “TRP hunting” news channels. But why those polite personalities do these things? Will the homosapiens stop obstructing the way of its life? We all need to do something that will take these giants back to where they belong, in the jungle, in the wild, on the lap of Mother Nature. We humans have a lot to learn from animals than vice versa. Even if you feed them the healthiest food possible, it’s not a fair trade for their freedom. You may care so much for them but it can’t be compared to the love and care of a mother amidst Mother Nature.
All these were written by a preschooler not in a piece of paper but in the heart of a father who took her for a trip to the jungle.”

Etched in my heart as a listener, I stood there awe struck by the magic created by the preschooler but as a young nature lover now. Closing the gates of the last elephant camp in the country permanently, she smiled at the crowd and I saw the images of the innocent elephant bathing in the river in her eyes. Hope her first love is having a great time in the forest with his family, thought my mind, looking at the sky that was smiling, as the happy tears of the sky poured down on us, we all watched the last elephant entering the forest, but this time without the chains. Read the title again, to understand the pain of the mighty tusker.