Tears don't Fall

The only fine day I will ever see is when tomorrow never comes.

Life finally caved in and made its mark in the mess. Finally everything that ever existed burned to ashes. Nothing came out of that place; what came out was a soul deprived of happiness, trust, support and consistency. You have finally accepted that these chunks of memory which consumed all of your conscious are now free of the chains. This has opened up a new dimension in your life. A dimension full of regret, despondence, sorrow and gloominess. Why do you stay there? Why don't you come out of it?

Tears don't fall now, you're not required anymore. What is required is that one day when everything ends and you're less like them and more like you.

The candor of this reality is that it was inevitable. You could never have avoided this monumental place. You're in a deluge of the unknown. Somewhere in between everything and nothing, somewhere in between happiness and sadness and somewhere in between love and hate.

You've struggled enough now. It's your time to rest, it's time to close your eyes and look upon the reminiscences of the past which turned into ashes but you can never hold them forever.

You've reached a point of disembarkation now together. You don't want to move backwards now, all you want to do now is move ahead but you can't. The hand you held to this point is no more tangled around yours, it's gone. The finger tips which made your heart tremble have passed into oblivion. You've to be strong enough to face the consequences now.

You'll have to move ahead. You cant stay there for long now. It's contaminated and spoiled, it's not pure anymore.

Smile your way through this pain. Make it yours and one day fuse it with your physical and mental self. If you repeat something over and over again, it loses it's meaning. Realize that nothing lasts forever and everything goes away. In the final call, you'll have to face that epitome of life alone. No one will stand around you. Everyone has their own definition of hell, I think mine is just behind and below my head.

Someday everyone will find their place in the stars. Till then keep shining your way away from this place.

Make a world for yourself. Live in it. Dwell in it. You were always your own savior. No one protects you. You bring the wrath on yourself and you save yourself from it. Find shelter, run fast, hide or just disappear into that singularity of nothingness.

You will find me there.