That belle in the limelight!

A bunch full of stars at a jamboree,
Applauding and sharing some white sparkling wine.
Minutes passing away with rewards and chocolate covered strawberry.
A loud pace into the red-carpet treatment,
They spotted an alluring physique standing under the limelight.
Scoring everyone's eyes, she made their jaws drop.
Chestnut coloured effulgent hair, and her cheeks bubbled like a sweet pink champagne.
A glint of glow flashed from her golden chain.
She bit her scarlet lips and crumpled the flowing gown.
Every star soul was eager to approach,
Every heart wanted to see themselves with her on the silver screen.
People were keen in knowing who she was, feasting on the beauty queen.
Silent expectations arose, waiting for her to enter in.
Longing for the startling time after she gives an ingress, like a walking Eglantine.
The glam blint broke the silence with a few words,
But it broke everyone's spirit two-thirds.
She said," I'm sorry, I entered the wrong chamber",
Making everybody a whimper.