The 70's Show.

The 70’s- an era that has been immortalised by more than just a TV show. A decade which stood out from the ones before it and laid the foundation for life as we know it today. This is the era which called out some of the worst atrocities ever seen in human history through the beauty of music and art that lives on to this day. The tragedy and suffering of the Vietnam War brought us the beauty of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance”, the racism and segregation of black people in the United States of America brought us Gil Scott-Heron’s masterpiece, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, and the hatred most of the younger generation had against Reagan’s Presidential Campaign that gave us The Beatles’ “Come Together”. What makes the 70’s stand out is not just the change in musical styles and philosophies, it was the fact that it highlighted one of the best traits of humanity; we can be exposed to the darkest, most cruel parts of life and still make something so beautiful and pure out of it that it gets immortalised in history. The 70’s is no longer just a decade or an era, it is an emotion. So, pop into your nearest time machine, bring out the artist in you, and welcome to The 70’s Show.

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