The Calm Storm

A silent voice seldom heard,
Calls out loud for once in her life.
Her plea is unheard for the world is too chaotic,
To hear her silent screams.
Prodded often  to speak out loud,
Never did she budge.
As life turned her upside down,
Still she held her voice.
She looked around the world so mighty,
Beautifully chaotic, it seemed.
But her voice was all too quiet to ever make it through.

But one fine day, a wave pushed in,
And brought her out with it.
It made her scream with all her might,
As if she never might again.
And now she's loud whenever it seems,
Like the chaos got too quiet.
But still on days when the moon is blue,
She locks herself away,
And dreams of all things quiet.
With a twinge of moisture in her eyes,
She thinks of older nights,
When the silence was her shell.
But now she's out for good,
And knows she's here to stay.