The Chronicles of the Triyambakeshwar

Supposedly, being a divine manifestation did nothing to clear the moral dilemma that currently lord Indra had in hand. But as the impeccable beauty of Ahalya proved to be divinely enticing, he decided to let her lucrative seeming lust lure his flagrant authority right into the fathoms of trouble, as he completely failed to discern the fact that the woman’s husband was none other than Maharishi Gautam.

Clad in a disguise feigning the Maharishi’s demeanour, he set out to meet Ahalya when her husband was taking a bath. Sensing no vestige of the deceit, Ahalya jubilantly agreed when Indra beckoned to make love. As it happened, lord Indra turned to look inevitably, as the last person he wanted to see there stood, infuriated beyond words. Gautam wrathfully cursed lord Indra with impotency for his sheerly immodest acts and Ahalaya was turned to stone for gullibly falling for the sham. However, she regarded it as a boon, for she could only be redeemed by the touch of lord Ram, whom she deeply admired.

Given the magnanimity of Gautam muni, one of the much lored Sapta rishis, lord Indra wasn’t the last one to be jealous of him. Another despairing conspiracy hit him, as the other rishis decided to display just how envious they were of Gautam, by framing him with killing a cow(which the gods didn’t take very lightly of). Nevertheless, Gautam muni once again outperformed the likes of his adversaries through his arduous penance. So profound was his penance that lord Shiva himself absolved him of his sins and even bestowed a jyotirlingam to exalt him, with all the 33 crore gods and goddeses residing there to make it the holiest pilgrimage site on earth, the Triyambakeshwar.