The Haziness Before the Light.

The words he was stating,
transformed gradually into silly sounds.
My musings were overwhelming in my mind.
Excessively numerous of them.
Measuring it down.
My tongue kept running over my broke lips like sandpaper.
My eyes glinted open; shapes obscured,
lights blinded; it was very white, too brilliant.

I needed to jump,
from between the fresh, clinical sheets in water;
any water, the length of it was wet.
I was urgent to feel dampness against my skin, in my mouth.
In any case, my body wouldn't move,
and, regardless of the possibility that it did, where would it go?

The voices kept on ebbing and streaming around me.
My knuckles brightened,
as they seemed well and good for a brief moment
before falling without end,
to some place just outside my ability to comprehend.
I knew they ought to bode well however they wouldn't
and my heart stimulated as I attempted to move;
still my body declined to comply.

I could feel the cloud wrapping me,
I battled with what little quality I needed to oppose it.
In my psyche, my body was whipping,
battling against the haziness.
My heart kept on accelerating;
I felt a hand holding mine as the frenzy rose up within me.
Light stupefied my eyes,sound whirled around me,
and my squandered muscles tensed as the murkiness asserted me and the world went out.

Cover image by Nickendra S.