Breaking the Lock Breaker's Code - The Incomplete Jigsaw Puzzle

Time was ticking and my progress was in a stalemate and I had to come up with a theory to at least try to put an end to his mayhem. Of all the probable theories I put forth this one was the least revolting: TROJAN had somehow managed to pocket Akmal’s spare room key which he routinely placed in his purse. It seemed TROJAN had once craftily asked for Akmal’s spare key in the name of obtaining a soap from his room! With that he had studied the habit of Akmal’s securement of his spare key in his purse, and would have easily flicked it owing to Akmal’s careless tendencies.

So, when all were away and most of the floor desolate and the victim Akmal was with his father, approximately at 11:25 a.m., TROJAN should have locked my room from the outside if at all the breaking sounds from the lock did alert me, so that he could get more time to carry on his search. Indeed, when the noise alerted me, I rushed to open my door and that was the start of his timer to locate Akmal’s ear pod in the easily accessible places in the cupboard, in a matter of few minutes due to the alarmed banging of my door.

When he didn’t find the ear pod and to respond to the crescendo of my noise, and to the upcoming folks Sujith and Ram in the stairs, he erupted out, thus forgetting to close the opened cupboards along with the key in the lock; made panicked steps across my room to Ram’s room, and shouted “Akarsh, where are you? “in front of Ram’s room, just to have greeted Ram and amiably inform him that I was locked and that he won’t open, owing to our sour past relationship, which made perfect sense at that point to convince all, for why he didn’t open my door, and that I was the delusional one to hear breaking lock sounds!

The unresolved puzzle pieces were the undamaged lock with it’s key, the sound of a breaking lock and the instruments lying in front such as the scissor and the rod, and the reason he tried to clean them up!

Yet, deep within me, there was this impulsive instinct that kept me going, for eventually it intuitively made me believe that I would inevitably head to the truth!