The Indian Youth Conclave

You know what you are reading? Well, of course you do, the title says it all. Yes, this is about the Indian Youth Conclave September Edition 2016. We’re as excited as you are. Yes, I just felt the chills down my spine. But are you exactly sure what the Conclave is about? Let me give some names you would’ve heard of. Let me give you a hint. The inability of words. YES. The author of that book, Harnidh Kaur is one of the speakers. Excited already? Here’s another clue. Ever heard of a man who joined the Army and retired to become the best chef I’ve ever known. No, it’s not Gordon Ramsey. And Yes, it is Chef Willi Wilson. The man who finally settled in Chennai and is now working for The Park and owns two restaurants. Also, Terribly Tiny Tales is conducting a workshop in the Conclave for people like me to write better. The list goes on with famous inspiring people like Jayshree Lakshmi Narayanan, Aparna Nagesh, Krishna, Chetan Korada, Harsh Songra and many others. And that’s not it. We have head banging, hair flipping performances by Alvin Presley and The Junkyard Groove. The IYC has inspired various youngsters in this country to follow their passion and dreams and excel at it. This is the perfect opportunity for people like you and me who are the future of this great country. We are the generation who are going to mould the future of the land we live on. So, come, enjoy and inspire yourself with one heck of an experience. Come to the Indian Youth Conclave, where everything begins.