The Jive Of the 70’s.

‘twas the era that gave birth to the best crime drama trilogy till date – The Godfather.
He made us an offer we could not refuse. Similarly, we’re making you an offer you cannot refuse.

The decade that began with the heart shattering break-up of the world-famous Beatles also gave us the first summer blockbuster of Hollywood, the one and only ‘Jaws’, directed by Steven Spielberg. The people read the first comic strip of an orange, fuzzy and lazy cat – Garfield, but also watched the last movie starring Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon.

On one side Apollo 13 abandoned their mission to the Moon and on the other, we found the Stairway to Heaven thanks to Led Zeppelin. The time where the United States brought the death of the Vietnam War and then gave birth to Microsoft and Apple. Sony gave us the Walkman to listen to Michael Jackson’s first solo album “Off The Wall”. Rocky Balboa threw some punches while there was fire in the sky and Smoke on the Water.

Don ka intezaar toh gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi thi par Gabbar toh Holi ka intezaar kar raha tha. We’ve heard this dialogue an infinite number of times but the 70s was when Amitabh Bachchan heard it for the very first time; none other than AR Rahman’s favorite dialogue – “Mere Paas Maa Hai”.

‘twas the time when Wars were fought amongst the Stars and Han Solo stopped driving cars.

The Force you will find, just keep the 70s in mind.