The Ring of Darkness

I called you, not just once. You never picked it up, you have never been picking it up. I still call, wishing that someday in the dark, I will be surprised to hear your voice than those rings which keep giving you hope until it's all dark - again. I think I am falling in love with this darkness, at least then I can't think of anything going around me, it's just you and me. Just me with the thought of you which is always present and comes out like a bright spark in the darkness in which you consume me with all your thoughts. I sometimes think that I have given up on you but then I realise that it's the thought of you being present with me that I give up on and not on the love I have for you. The love is never lost. The calls left unanswered are; a way of telling you that no matter what, I am always there. Never pick it up but know that I am there because the love for you that I can never tell shows up in front of you. It's been so long, I miss your voice. I miss you in the memories I make. I miss you when I need to make life changing decisions and you're not there to hear me say how I wouldn't be able to do it. I miss you in every area of my life, be it talking to you or just waiting for your text. I miss you. I am a call you had never picked up and still it would never be missed, and for me, you are a call I would always make because you miss it.