The Rivers

Everyone lives a life they want by setting course on the path which they believe provides satisfaction, love and comfort. But amongst those are the ones who live a life of giving one to others: bringing hope. The providers, the preachers, the teachers anyone who gives his precious moments for the smile of others; they become The Rivers. Laughing out of the storms and the obstacles they become the epitome of strength and freedom reaching out for their own ocean.

You are the guiding light
Blue but bright
A lightening strike
Thunder in the heart
Rain in the eyes
Mind plays the memories
Reality binds
Miles apart
Yearning for a smile
Lucky are the one
Bent and aligned
Mountains don’t move
Even if you try
Its their destiny
To stand upright
Now you carry the life
Be the river
That delivers
Simple to look
Hard to resemble
On a journey
To step outside
Path decides
That faith is set right
Rocks to vales
Gale and gale
No more wails
Fathoms covered
No restraints
Ships sail
All hail
A quest for hope
Never ends
Oceans met
Freedom and strength
The journey never ends.

Cover image by Nickendra Manikandan.