Help this man!
Take him away as far as you can!
For he loathes to be rooted
For he wants thou to see the world
It is I!
Who was talked about

Take me to Atlantis for I wish to talk to the water nymphs
Take me across the sky 'cause I wish to talk to the winged ones
Take me to a world for I wish to see the unseen

What had happened to me? Gills? Fins?
Why can't they hear me? For my voice is drowned in the dark blue din
Help me greet these wet and nimble spirits kissing my skin with a tinge of love
Help me thank thou for helping me from above
Help me drown in these thoughts and wash away my worries
For Atlantis is now my home.

What has happened to me? Wings?
Help me glide across reality amidst my feathered friends and foes
Help me defy Icarus, for I am superior
Help me thank my maker, as he is pulling me across the sky
I am the sun god's chariot, carrying my maker

What had happened to me?
This place amazes me!
Oh thou! Where are your creations?
I see heavenly auras blinding me!
Engulfing me like the drops of Atlantis
Drenching me like the wind
Is it here where thou stays? For it is filled with aura
I have failed to get a glimpse of thou as thou are a force
Which pulled me across the drops of Atlantis and pushing me across the sky
I have succeeded in this trip!
Now you can take me away!
And make me one among the auras
I thank thou...