Breaking the Lock Breaker's Code - Trojan's Gambit

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I was then awoken by a knock on the door, supposedly, it was Ram searching for his Apple USB cable, and out of the blue he asked me if he could borrow Akmal’s room key for inspecting his room for the lost cable. Not wanting to generate undesirable consequences for both the sides and to maintain dual geniality, I projected that I too would accompany him and aid him in his search. When we both entered, we also had an unwarranted unscrupulous guest along with us! Yes! You had guessed that right, it was Trojan! He foxily exclaimed that he would aid Ram in his search in spite of him not asking, and initiated a search, a 'search' which was the light to my search, a 'search' that zoomed my scope of cracking it.

The enthusiasm with which he explored the cupboards and the other baggage more vehemently than Ram, pin pointed that TROJAN was there for something which he couldn’t get his hands on earlier. What was hilarious and comical is that his entire operation began once again, the only difference being me, his own nemesis as the spectator, helplessly watching him continue his rampage.

He scrutinized the cupboards inch by inch, made his way to a locked baggage and spent considerable time to hack the lock and open it. When I hinted Ram that it was time to move, TROJAN
consolidated himself on Akmal’s bed and imperatively commanded Ram to search further. I then exclaimed to Ram to continue the search after Akmal arrives as it would be discourteous from his side to deploy further. Coming to a consensus Ram instructed TROJAN to make a move. With much refrain he stepped out and I secured the room, this time, the difference being the information I secured.

I realised that every time I made a move, TROJAN was two steps ahead of me. In fact, he had persuaded Ram to check Akmal’s room as Akmal too is an Apple user and slyly, instructed him to acquire the key from me!

Thus, TROJAN played his Gambit successively, now, it was my turn to move the piece!