“Why is it so dark in here?”, I asked him. He held my hand and asked me to follow him. I was wondering what was the surprise he was going to shower me with. He probably is going to pop up the question. Finally, after a year I was officially going to be his girlfriend. The thought of being in a relationship excited me, it had been four years since I had been in one and Adam was a perfect blend of sweet and dominant character which made me blush and wet,
respectively. I was waiting for months to make this official and get going, nothing seems merrier than sharing your life with a person who would love and respect you.

I stopped dreaming as soon as I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Adam of course. He switched on the lights and looked at me with a smirk on his face, “How did you like the dinner?”. “It was delicious. The ravioli tasted good and the wine was heavenly. I just wished I had met the chef and personally appreciated him for his commendable cooking skills and flawless presentation.”, said I with a childish grin on my face. I was used to Adam asking me about post dinner status but what I wasn’t expecting to hear was when he said, “We did not indulge ourselves for something sweet. Shall we?” I couldn’t be more excited with what was on my plate already, the night was getting sexier and better. The erotica was about to begin and I could already feel what was happening between my legs. “Tess, I want you to remain calm, I am going to blindfold you and want you to sit on the chair behind. Is that alright with you, babe?” Nothing could be not alright with me, to speak the truth. I was on the way of a breath taking orgasm, literally. He grabbed me by my waist pulling me towards him as he took out a satin black cloth out of his coat pocket. I stood there like a statue seeing him smirk from the corner of my eyes while he was moving behind me to tie the knot. He guided me to the chair and asked me to sit comfortably.

The smell in the room changed from being lavender to musty. There were footsteps I could hear and a little bit of giggling and chuckling of different men. I knew they were men since the voices had a baritone, right then a chill went down my spine. “What is happening, Adam?”, my voice trembled but within a second my dress was stripped off of me like the feathers are stripped off of a soon to be cooked chicken. My hands were tied down and simultaneously my legs were sprung up in the air, I could feel the ache in my sex as it penetrated deep inside, my mouth was swollen with another piece of hard meat being shoved up and down wildly waiting for it to burst out the fluid. There were hands all over my mounds pinching and biting me on my nipples. “Do you like the surprise, hon? A whore would like this, wouldn’t she?”, came a very familiar voice. “Dad?”, I could not believe my ears, my whole world turned upside down and came crashing burying me in. How could he do this to me? “I did not know my sister was such a giver. All she gives is pleasure to guys who need it. It was so easy for her to fall for Adam. It would be of course, he is her type of guy. Roses and chocolates kind of guy.”, exclaimed my brother as he continued shoving his meat inside my mouth. I was already dead when I heard all of them laughing notoriously and enjoying the filth, I couldn’t cry and couldn’t scream. I was just missing mom, she would have protected me from the dirt I was shoveled up with tonight. But she was gone, way before I realised that nothing was left of me except bones and muscles. They took turns the whole night and from a full bloomed flower, I became a withered one with every thrust.
“Trust me, I’ll take care of you”, Adam had said once.
“Trust me, I know you and proud to have you as my daughter”, said my dad once.
“Trust me, you are the best companion I have”, said my brother once.
I remember everything you all said and my mistake?
I trusted.