A Feeling Called Love

Dostet Darum. You might not know what these two words mean. And I’ll tell you at the end.

Ishq. Amour. Liebe. Love has various names. But these names don’t matter when you feel it. These words don’t matter when you look at that one girl who stands out in the crowd. Her hair riding the winds and her smile driving you crazy. Oh, that smile. And when you see those beautiful eyes look right back at you. Your heart starts to pound at 140bps. What would you do? Your heart is pounding at 140bps. Hell, I’d run. In the opposite direction. Like Usain Bolt. But you can’t run from love. It keeps coming back to you. The next thing you know is that you see THE girl more than you see yourself in your mirror. Before you sleep, in your dreams and after you wake up. Her picture is glued in front of your eyes. You imagination power is off the charts. When you close your eyes for a power nap of five minutes during a lecture in college, the scene from DDLJ runs in your head, this time you are running in the direction of the girl and she is coming towards you. And then BAM. A hard tap from the professor on the head. Damn. Did out get the girl? Did she hug you? Did she accept the awkwardly cute guy you are? You’d never get to know what happens at the end of the scene.

Love a girl who can make your heart beat go crazy. A girl who would love you for who you are and not for who you can become. When she smiles, you just want to keep that moment on replay, forever. When she whips her hair on your face, it’s like a smile is painted on your face. Love that one girl who’d be there in the hour of need. Who’d sing you your favourite song even if she sings like a sick walrus. Love that one girl who will travel the world with you in the cheapest way possible and not complain about it. Who’d go on an adventure any day. I want you to do one thing. A small thing. Go and tell that one girl, THE girl, how much you love her. No matter what time it is. Just tell her. I waited 6 months. Don’t commit that mistake. Life is short. Don’t you want to spend most of it with the ONE? Tell her, “Dostet Darum.” I love you (In Farsi). “You drive me crazy and that’s why I love you”. So, go and tell her, because she might feel the same way about you. Just believe. This is what love feels like. One of the best feelings a person can experience.