Can Love Be Arranged?

First, let’s ask ourselves. What is love? Is it something you just get at the super store in your neighbourhood? No. Is it something you just find lying unattended in a public place? Maybe. Love is a feeling a man or a woman feels once in their lifetime. This feeling takes them places. Places out of their imagination. Only once in your life, you’ll fall for somebody so hard, that when you get up, they’re not even there. Love is an amazing feeling. But, can it be “arranged”? Like, you tell a matchmaker to make you fall in love with a guy or a girl? That cannot happen. NEVER. Love demands to be felt. It should be as such that all you need in life is to see the happiness on your lover’s face. The smile that can turn your horrible day into one heck of a moment. That’s love. And trust me you’ll do anything to keep that smile on her face. That smile cannot be “arranged”! It’s not a marriage function you can just “arrange”. Or a vehicle you tell your friend to arrange. Yes, arranged marriages happen, but do they work out? Love can only work out for two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. They’ll die trying but they will never for a single moment, give up on each other. No matter how vast an ocean between them. No matter what the world thinks of them. They have HOPE. That’s all they need. This “never give up” cannot be catered for. You have to feel it. So, find that one person in this world of 7 billion people who will be there for you, during your darkest time and who will not be scared of venturing anywhere with you. Find that one person who will love you till your last freaking breath. Just, don’t get it arranged. Feel it.