The Shackles.

Diffident, delicate and diminutive - A girl.

She has been trapped in shackles by the world she lives in. Buried in so deep into the ground of the world she grew up in, she cannot attain a personality. She fears to be too loud or strong. She reminds herself to be gentle and sweet.

My mother always told me, and continues to do so on days I forget, that girls are a blessing to the world. They are fragile bodies of art representing the pride of their parents. I never considered myself to be a fragile body representing a piece of art. I am a tough, spirited body who could knock a boy out. Nevertheless, I knew my mother thought the same and only told me so to remind me of my femininity.

Girls are born in a world that comes with strict instructions and guidance for them. In many areas they are forced and pressurized to follow these rules that come with no specific handbook. Through every step they take in their lives their looked upon as dainty flowers.

Girls succumb to the protocol. Whether it is while participating in classrooms or staying at home, in their comfort zone. On the contrary would it really be their comfort zone if they can not be themselves? They are told to sit in a certain way, because 'women do not sit with their legs open'. They are told to dress in a certain way because their favorite pair of blue jeans looks too boyish and God forbid they ever comes across as 'tom-boyish'.They are told to be homely figures that satisfy the needs of their household and the people living in it. Once they are older they are nothing more than a helping hand for the home they live in and will live in once married. They are told to respect who or what comes their way and be thankful for their good fortune of being able to live in a home where they are welcomed and settled. But are they really welcomed and settled or are they suffering and shunned?

We all do have our differences and uniqueness. I fully understand the fact that we are not all the same and I'm well aware to not indulge into that argument either. Nor am I speaking for or against that. What worries me is dominance. What worries me is the crude decision that's been taking by the majority of the world of boys being above us, a step ahead of us. For we are the help they need and without them we are nothing. But I heartily disagree, for have you ever heard the saying, "Behind every man's success is a woman."? No, I am not demoting the hard work men put into their work but simply stating my point.

The media strongly conforms to these norms. Whether its social, print or television.
The media does oppose to the girls and demeans them but however people are become wise and coming out of their shelves that restrict them to thinking a certain way There are various sites that have become a medium for writers and editors to come together and protest against the way the female population is ill-treated by the social media.

Moreover, the girls of the world, the girls of this generation have taken it upon themselves to open up. To give a voice to the millions of girls who were and still are denied of it. They take up the same, bias media that demeans them, to put forth their stand. To speak up as individuals. To be heard, loud and strong. And no this does not deprive them of their femininity. They are inclined to express. They conform to their faithful self using social media sites such as or by starting their own blogs.

People are getting educated and the girls are coming in lead with the boys. They are coming out of the discomfort they have been so closely monitored in are able to live up to their full potential and standards, being themselves. They are being accepted for their true personality and identity in many parts of the world. There are those lucky girls who have been nurtured into households where they can be themselves without being shamed.

Yet in several places of the world the girls are not accepted but penalized for coming in contact with their own identity. They are still compelled to walk the way society has allowed them to and belittled at every step they take, if stepped on the wrong foot. They are constricted to behave in an unshaken way and if ever found crossing a boundary, they will meet with affliction.

Furthermore, what urged me to write this was not just sexist media portrayals of girls but the girls of the world who have decided to take a stand. Who have broken the norms and spoken out for their right. Speaking for those who have not had the right to do so and are not as privileged as the rest who have been accepted in their lifestyle. Who still lead a life of deprivation. The suppressed identity of these devoid girls will soon manifest into outrage. In a blink of an eye, you will see them be in harmony with who they really are and finding their way back to their comfort in self-revelation, breaking out of their shackles through the same media that indulges into them being a minority.