How My Ego Ruined a Perfect Love Story.

I've always loved you. Right from the beginning, I've never really 'adored' you, as I've always told you. For someone who never really believed in the concept of love at first sight, you came in as a surprise package. The way you flung your hair back like a supermodel once in a while to mesmerise those poor souls around you, the way you bit your pen whenever you were stuck at a problem, I had fallen in love with it all. When every single person I met called you a heartless whore, my heart, for some reason refused to believe it. Maybe it was cause it wasn't with its rightful owner at that time. What had started off as a harmless cup of coffee, had slowly turned my life into a circus, with you being the ringmaster. We texted day and night, with no regard for the angles the hour hand made with the minute hand. You were giving birth to my worst fears with every emoji you sent. Yes, I was slowly handing my bandaged heart over to you as your new toy. Countless movie dates and coffees later, I finally accepted my metamorphosis. From being a philophillic, you had changed me into a romantic, with your cheeky grins and playful punches. I told you what I felt about you, finally, on one rainy day. With the addictive smell of rain and probably the most pathetic proposal ever, I told you that I adored you. Yes, my first lie. Guess I wasn't ready to man up to my ego. I still remember that cheeky grin of yours when I told you, and all that you said afterwards.

"I'm not really ready for a relationship now, but you're someone special and close to my heart. All I can say is that I would lead a happier and heartbreak-free life if I do fall in love with you. Hence, I really do hope that I fall in love with you one day." you said.

Henceforth, your prayers became mine. All day and all of my nights were spent telling you how much I adored you. My texts told you that I adored you, my eyes on the other hand screamed of the love I had for you. All you would do is smile, smile as you steal my breath every time you batted your eyelids.

"We still have time. Let's wait for the perfect moment to tell her about the love I have for her." I spoke to the mirror whenever you did something cute. But time was an ironical giant. It became invincible whenever you weren't around but transformed into a butterfly when I was with you. But to be honest, I never really knew when had I run out of time. I still remember that day. You came up to me in a pink t-shirt and a pair of faded denims and told me about him. The love of your life, you said. Every syllable you uttered destroyed the castle I had built for us in the depths of my heart, but I listened intently. I listened to the lullaby of poisonous words demolishing my utopian world with every breath. At that moment, I saw your eyes tear up when you spoke about him. I saw true love in your stare. Hence, veiling my tears of agony, I wiped your tears of joy. I'm not sorry for falling in love with you. I'm sorry for not telling you how much I loved you and having immense faith in time. If you're reading this, you might be confused as to what on Earth am I even trying to say. Maybe my blood made this a bit dim. Well, here goes my love story folks, I loved her, but she loved him.