Vanishing Screams

As I hear her scream,
I know she was suffering & I was the reason,
there was nothing much I could do,
all tied up, drowning in a closed coffin,
she screams again, each time she does,
a part of me unfolds, I untie the knot,
again the pattern repeats, the knot unfolds,
only I can be the reason, gosh am such a devil,
she is there, surrounded with people,
pulling her, pushing her down to bed,
spreading her legs, she screams again,
she sweats, she bleeds, she cries, she screams,
each scream gives me the strength,
each time she screams, I untie the belt,
it has to stop, the pattern has to end,
the misery has to end,
an hour and a half have passed, they still tie her to bed,
the blood now flows through her vagina,
as she screams again,
one last push, shouts the man holding her legs,
again he repeats, harder he shouts,
in the pool of blood, she lies on the bed,
I untied the knot, somewhere in the pattern, she lost her breath,
Such is the story of my birth.