The Jump

"I need a skateboard" said Jasper.

Being a kid with a prosthetic leg is difficult. Especially when he is in high school. In the case of Jasper, it was not so different.

Apart from his parents, everyone looked at him with sympathy. The usual high school bullies sometimes pulled his leg (no pun intended). It didn't bother him much. The two things that kept him awake was skateboarding and (obviously) Megan.

His birthday was next week and Jasper was using it as an opportunity to get his skateboard. Being sidelined at all sports and the overly concerned teary face of people feeling sorry that his life was over, worried jasper. And that was the tip of the iceberg. He wanted to impress Megan but could never find the courage to talk to her fearing she might pity him. He did not want pity. Moreover he wanted a skateboard and his parents wouldn't buy him one. But this time he was angry and determined.

"Son, it is not that we do not want to buy you one, it is dangerous because of your..."
"My leg?. Is that it? I can't skateboard because of my prosthetic leg?"
Jasper was fuming with anger.
"We are being cautious. That's all. I'll buy you a motor bike once you are bit more older. Wait jasper..."
Jasper didn't stop to listen. He stormed out of the house and went to his favorite place; the skateboarding park.

It was a place of both happiness and longing.
when he saw kids of his age being happy and enjoying their time, he became depressed. His eyes became teary with anger. He cursed his life and everyone he knew. He wanted to live life and enjoy it, but people made it so difficult for him and that made him so scared that he'd fail everything -skateboarding and talking to Megan .
To top it all off, he saw Megan standing at the steps, alone. Maybe it was his anger or the park, He was not shy anymore.
He went up to her.
"hey Megan"
"oh! Jasper! how are ya?"
Of all the leg jokes in the world, he went with,"I'm stumped" but Megan smiled and that made his day.

He wanted to continue talking to her, but Rick Mclaughin, the high school jock interrupted him.
"Hey Megan, let's go to the theme park. you too Jasper, wanna hop in?"
That was it. It was already frustrating being chided at home and embarrassed at school and now in front of Megan! Jasper lost control of his anger and tried to punch the 6 foot, muscular guy. Rick lazily parried the punch and tripped him.
"Rick, that's enough. I'm not coming with you. "
she tried to help Jasper. but he pushed her. "I don't want your charity!"
He was out of control. All the anger he had kept inside rushed out and he literally turned red. He wanted to do something to shut the mouth of everyone in the world and look at him as a normal guy.

That's when he saw a skateboard lying near the railing. "this is it." he thought.
He rushed and grabbed it.
He ran towards the second set of steps which were long and steep. His anger gave him enough adrenaline that he jumped from the steps with the skateboard, leaving behind an astonished crowd and a worried Megan as he went down the steps not knowing whether he will succeed or break his other leg.

to be continued...