Wails For Justice.

The wails for help could be heard from afar,
A loud sound of metal slapping against a surface- a body was heard shortly after,
Loud screams and cries for a saviour emitted from the person's lips,
What's the point? How likely was it that someone would hear them in a dark alleyway?

An hour after it stopped, a broad figure could be seen storming out,
A silence fell upon the surrounding, making it seem eerier than it already was,
I walked closer, my mind too curious to allow me to walk away,
Entering the dark lane, I gasped looking at the figure laying on me.

There, on the ground laid the body of a boy
Naked and bloody, his half-lidded eyes made him look like death itself,
The air around us had a current as if nature knew a sin had been committed,
I pulled out my phone to call for help when he whimpered in pain.

His eyes moved in and out of focus, as if he was trying to move, perhaps speak or ask for help,
Looking into his eyes, you could see the pain, I’m sure mine mirrored the same,
Except, mine included a burning desire for justice in this cruel-cruel world,
But think about it, do you think a boy will get justice with all the cries of girls that have gone unheard? Do you think it's fair?