Wake Up Now

“I can wake up”, I’ll say to myself every time they put me to sleep. When I do wake up, they’ll inject me with some sleeping drug and send me back. My name is Anthony Harper. I am being held as a patient in St. Mark’s Hospital. For what? I don’t know. I was admitted here after I crashed my bike onto an oncoming car. My mistake. And every day since, I am being put down to sleep by this doctor who treated me. The nurse is the one who alerts him when I am awake. But when she is not around, I get to talk with Anthony, a patient in the next room. We talk to each other through the window on the wall. It was strangely shaped for a wall, rectangle and long, kind of like a French window. His face was strangely familiar, like I’ve known that face for years. When the nurse finds out that we are talking, she will inject the drug in me. She won’t take chances by calling the doctor. I don’t know what is up with those two. One day, the nurse wasn’t around. I turned around and Anthony had teary eyes. He said “You can wake up now. You’re free. You can wake up now.” Then I lost consciousness. I woke up the next day. It felt different. The wind was nice to feel. I’ve never noticed before how uncomfortable the bed was. But my hands and legs were still numb. The nurse looked dumbstruck. The doctor was smiling at me. I turned around and a mirror was in the place of the window. But I could see Anthony’s face in it. He was staring at me. It was then I realized, he was my reflection. That explains why his face looked familiar. But that means I’m going crazy, am I? “Anthony”, the doctor called. “You are alright. You are just going through a shock”. I did not understand. I felt like crying. “What happened?” I screamed. The nurse answered my question. “Anthony, you have just woken up from coma.”