Walk, Don't Sprint.

More often than not, humans, in general, are filled with this thought in their hearts on how to lead the life or as to how an ideal or perfect life should be. But what we don't realise is something which is very elementary. It is the fact that imperfections are a part of life. Flaws in themselves are what make us human. The whole concept of mankind started with the fundamental error of opening the Pandora's box. We are on a constant conquest of amelioration without savouring the tiny imperfections, that make us who we really are, and instead, seek to become those materialistic machine-like beings. Learning to dance in the rain, instead of crouching under an umbrella, is part of enjoying the journey instead of obsessing about the destination. After all, even if the climb is hard, that is what makes it worthwhile. In our conquest of being perfect, we tend to miss out on the little things that make us human. We fail to realise that those are the very things that actually distinguish us from animals. Right from a really tender age, one is taught, not to live, but to survive. We've always heard of survival of the fittest, but never even the slightest mention of, "live a little!" Ultimately, when that point, the paramount, is reached, one is not left with much else to cling on to, on this fragile tapestry called life. So, here's some good food for thought: Walk, don't sprint! Take baby steps in life; enjoy the tiniest of things, soak in the sunshine, learn to weather the storm and live, not survive!