War and Peace

Let's calm the waging war
For one moment.
In that moment,
Do you see the bullets still in air,
In all their fierce need to blindly avenge?
Do you see the field falling apart,
Slowly but effectively?
Do you see the helpless look in those eyes?
Those trembling hands holding the rifles?

Did you hear it?
The shaky breath that he just took before pulling the trigger?
The sound of the grenade serenading through the field, like it was a melody?
In a fleeting moment,
I heard the unspoken cries of the helpless soldier
And the stillness of his beating heart.

They fight each other
While their heads talk miffed words over sips of exotic tea.
War has transformed the soldier,
Who can now no longer smile without feeling a twinge of guilt,
Over those hearts which lie still out in the battlefield.
He can no longer whisper those names,
But it echoes endlessly in his dreams.
His heart though beats,
Wishes it too had borne what his fellows bore
And move on to a better world.