What's on Your Playlist?

I was going through my friend’s playlist the other day. She had a lot of pop music. The hot 100 and a few other guilty pleasures. When I say pop I mean popular. I sometimes do this so I can listen to the best of what people think is the best music out there. And with no surprise I find myself honestly liking maybe just one out of every 10 songs. I told her I didn’t like most of what’s on her playlist. She plainly said, ‘’That’s because you’re a guitar player and your idea of a song involves a guitar solo.’’ I tried to explain saying there is more to it than that, but yeah part of what she said was true. The part about me being a guitar player.

So over time I’ve sort of drawn the line to what qualifies as great music to me. Sometimes the lines sort of fade when I put away the musician’s shoes for a while.

Every genre of music at some point of time was or is popular. Hendrix, MJ, Clapton, Presley, Sinatra and Dylan to name just a few were all pop stars. We’ve moved from a time when they were like a few record companies catering to all pockets of people to an age where with the internet we have a lot of outlets granting access to music to different kinds of people interested in different kinds of music.

There are reasons why music from the 70’s and 80’s last for so long. It’s probably because a lot of the music were well performed and well composed music or it could be the fact that they were pioneers in their genres and had a huge influence on the following generation.
Music is evolving. It should evolve. But anything with soul and spirit is not going to run out of style.

So who has a say in what is really good music? Nobody does. It’s just an individual perception. I personally like Blues-rock, jazz and a lot of pop here and there and Probably some other stuff too. I’ve seen metal-heads turn into DJs and DJs turn into classical musicians. My point is nobody other than you should have a say in what kind of music you like. Sonny John Moore aka Skrillex was a hardcore punk-rocker who needed to find his new sound and well, he did.

I’ve been told that music is medicine for the soul. So you got to take the right meds. It’s always okay to be influenced by people around you. They could your friends, bands, singers, instrumentalists, a church choir, street musicians or even a homeless guy on the street playing for change. Even our idea of liking something has to do with both our experiences and circumstances.

So it’s okay to love a certain genre of music but I think you can’t really hate a kind of music, because you don’t really hate it. You just don’t agree with the ideas or means involved in making that music.

So be open-minded. Play the music you love and more than that, feel it. And remember don’t take the wrong meds! It’s bad for the soul!