What's Your Worth?

Every time I read something on the newspaper about the death of a mammal or not so uncommonly, the extinction of a whole goddamn species a part of me dies along with it.

Let me try to describe how I feel. It starts out with rage, fuming to kill those bastards involved with the death of the particular animal, then transcends into acceptance of my incapability to do so and finally, the sting of lost hope.

Not because I love animals and I find them adorable, not because I am an ecologist who recognizes the importance of fauna in the sustenance of the planet. I am concerned about their right to live that we self-righteously deprive. Come to think of it, how dissimilar is this to the colonization of countries? I know noone or nothing is entitled to anything, so does that mean we can eradicate life if we have the power to? How stupid is it? I am not even worried about their existence that is so vital for us, because we don't have to live in this world.

Problem statement: The Earth doesn't need humans to sustain but needs the other organisms. Not so surprisingly, humans are destroying the earth and are killing everything in sight.
Solution: eradicate the human race, simple.

Below are a few statements that are going to make me look like a moron.
I evaluate everything I see and everything has a price. I don't see much of a value for an average human's life, definitely not more than the fauna that surrounds me. Think about it, if you aren't a renowned leader or a multi-millionaire, you really don't have much work here. But the animals that you slaughter and whose land you infringe - they are keeping the system going, bro.
Heck, right(notice the emphasis) now, I'd be better dead than alive! There are a 7 billion of us working effectively to savage the planet and much lesser population of species keeping it alive.

Ever since day one man has been streamlined to increase efficiency and that has led to a colossal imbalance. Now I fathom why Akela restrains Mowgli from his little tricks in the jungle.

The only question to ask is how worthy are you put up against the animal kingdom to sideline them and establish your presence?

Cover image by Nickendra S.