When a Person Becomes Worth a Mark Sheet ...

Exam fever has reached its peak with the entrances for various colleges and courses being conducted all across the country .

Pathetic is the state and plight of some students .

Lets take the case of PU Science Stream Students of Karnataka - they are writing their chemistry re-exam , for the third time .

Coaching centers are battling it out for who will post better results and that in turn bringing them gullible children and their oh so naive parents for next years turmoil of coaching .

This topped off with pressure from parents , peers and relatives to get good marks , to get a good college , to get a good job and this never ending cycle goes on and on and on .

Year after year , students toil and and it summarizes into one piece of paper - a mark sheet .

Which fortunately or unfortunately is said to become the ticket to a better life , how ???

Yes , I do not disagree with the fact that a mark sheet or a CGPA does get you to places, but will it keep you there ?

Are we students merely products of coaching institutes and colleges to become professionals of high industrial value but little intrinsic value of self ?

How wonderfully , the education system is pretty messed up with reservation ...

How wonderfully , coaching institutes and colleges sell the idea of All India Ranks and High Pay Packages to unassuming working middle class parents , that a lump of salary will solve all their problems .

That brings me to the question , does money solve every problem . Is happiness of no worth ?

I ask a simple question to parents , " Are you willing to sacrifice your child's highly creative , energetic and happy nature for a routine , dull but high paying life ? "

" Do you not want us to be happy while we live , Do you only want us to live happily in future that seems near impossible only because you keep providing further materialistic goals to being happy ? "

I will mention that there are some students that would gladly read this and disagree with me , I would like to ask those students , " Are you sure these thoughts of success in terms of an exam or pay package is grass root level yours ? Ask yourself what you want , once again with a clear mind . "

If your answer still says , " Yes , this is what I want ! " then I say to you , " ALL THE VERY BEST , BUDDY " .

For those whose answer is , " No , I'm not sure "

Stop pacifying yourself and locking up your thoughts of what you want .

Parents will find it hard to agree at first but eventually , they will .

They will take the effort to find out what you really want and whether or not it is best for you .

At the end of the day , think for yourself , just once . You'll probably find your parents unhappy with you for a decade or so but you'll find yourself doing things that make you happy for the rest of your lifetime and eventually so will your parents .

This article is arrogantly written , written with one thought in mind , " Our parents, our peers and relatives wish us well . I wish to be extraordinary on my own terms , not theirs . "

" Do you want to pursue something , then do it with all your heart ."
This is what we are taught early on but as soon as we grow , the same people who taught us drop it and say ,
" Do whats necessary for survival . "

I ask myself , " Do I want to just survive or Do I want to make it big ? On what terms , in what field and so on . "

Such questions plague any 18 year old on the verge of entering college . We start to question our hard work , our values and what not .

We look towards our parents , mostly we are dismissed .

We slowly look for help outside , we realize , no one really knows what they are doing .
We all put on poker faces in hope that everything will be alright .

After this much thought into this , I realize I have written over 600 words and not sure whether most of you have read till this point .

I'll end with the point that , I have some unanswered questions , I want answers and not dismissals .
I want knowledge and not just marks .
Cliche , I know but isn't everything a CLICHE ?