Why Bikes are the Next Best to Girls ...

I know most of you are thinking, "Is he crazy??"

Just a little, I guess .

Coming back to my point, I have several logically sound reasons why a bike can make a man`s life.

Read through this and you'll maybe want to go out and get one for yourself.

Men save money and spend it on the bike and its related accessories equivalent to going shopping for their girl.

They work out and stay in shape so they can ride longer than their last trip to the Himalayas and keep their bike in top condition. Why? It's their pride and honor.
Just like how any gentleman will dress well and be chivalrous for his lady.

They also cheat on their old bikes and get a new one , once in a while but they come back whining every time.
No matter how many dukes the KTM racing company introduces the legendary RD350 will receive all the catcalls if it were ever back on the road.

Bikes give men joy, want to catch that sunrise? Roar to life and you will be there.

Jokes apart, cliché yes but "Two wheels move the soul" just like how a girl can make you or break you ...

Bikes pose problems too, like girls do .
Bikes want you to oil them, change their tyres and make sure those headlights work properly so we can enjoy that ride all the way up the hills and down just like how a girl would want you to be hydrated, wear a sweater and wear proper head gear.

I'll let you decide beyond this point but remember it does not matter if you love your bike or not but whenever you kick that starter and twist that throttle, it will love you back with all it`s might.

In case you guys want an example for how much a man goes to to look after his bike:

Read Saurabh Yadav's answer to I am about to purchase a Royal Enfield Classic 350cc. What are some tips or suggestions regarding its maintenance or use? on Quora

The question only asked for tips and suggestions for maintenance and the man has written a research paper.
Now can a man do that for a girl? Unfortunately NO.

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