Wisdom and Interpretations.


All of these are words often used in conjecture with leaders. Leaders of many crafts. To what white is to black, so failure is to leaders.
Leaders, yet miserable.

Failure, some call it a teacher, some call it thier catalyst.
I, call it a misfortune, plain misfortune.
Failures, yet happy.

Each and every one of our worlds are a multitude of actions and reactions, countered and led on by you and I. These actions if controlled, will lead to a certain success, an afirmative end to a long line of actions with a favourable reaction.

If not, they are merely interpreted unfit and disregarded.
Simple, right?

From a logical stand point, to look at every thing a simulation of various possible outcomes, sharpens our brain but numbs the conscience.
You strive to be perfect, but at what cost ?

To admit to oneself of his/her desires, right or wrong, is honesty.
To trick conscience into dubious nature to make way, is shrewdity.
To bury emotions in the dust, is cruelty.
To know of those regrets worth bearing for fruit, is calculative.

Fueled by ambition and immense competion, all of us are wise people but just not wise enough to not loose track of the small things.
Things which are of immediate insignificance but are the essence of immense significane.

Insignificant nudges in a significant direction, failures.

Wisdom is a function of happiness, a function whose operations are misinterpreted, much like failures.

We are wise enough to forge the most improbable paths, yet forgotten how to be happy.

Where true wisdom lies, therein lies happiness.