You're Not Alone

This life we live, for thirty or sixty or even less than ten years, we embark on a journey with tons of memories. This highway you walk on called life has potholes. Like the ones you encounter in India. These potholes will try to bring you down and stop your life’s engine right there. DON’T LET THEM. Do not give up. If you are not able to get up, people around you will come to your rescue and push you to the service road. These are places where you can take stock of your conditions. And if you think that you will be on your own without any support from your peers, you are completely wrong. They are there for you, till the end. Never are you ever alone in life. They will come with flashlights if you are stranded in the dark. Their light will guide you home. This shining beam will give you hope and relief, but it’s on you to keep moving forward. You should choose to accept it. Success does not come to anyone overnight. Exams. Girl. Parents. Society. We all are scared of tons of things in life. Some are scared of lizards and some are scared of a poorly brewed pot of tea. No matter how big a man or woman, a phobia eats them up from the inside and ruins a part of their life. I had a fear of messing up a conversation with new people I meet. But then it doesn’t matter if you mess it up or fair well, what matters is that you tried. Don’t you feel tired? Tired of being scared of things like these? Try. Just try. In your first attempt, your brain’s reaction would be," Are you mad? What the heck are you doing? You’d die." But then after a few trials everything will be calm. The brain which was going haywire would say, "Hah, basic stuff." Don’t you want this? To be at peace? You would not find peace if you don’t follow the path leading to it. You try. You fall. You succeed. You conquer. Be a conqueror of your fears rather than surrendering to the atrocities of the society. Never let this fear darken your world. Let your confidence be the light of hope. This light will guide you home. Because at the end of the day, you are not alone. You have someone or some people you love who will always be there for you. So, add this to your to do list, tell those people that you love them. That you never want them to leave. Because you are complete with them around.